The Anxiety Crisis or the Panic Attack- What must be done

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The Anxiety Crisis can happen unexpectedly, it doesn’t always take place as a reaction to a certain event, bad news or stress at the workplace, but because of a disorder. Its debut may be so sudden and intense it can be taken for a heart attack.


The biggest problem with Anxiety Issues is that they don’t’ always get the attention they require. Most people believe the Panic Attack is nonsense and often ignore or dismiss the people having one.
As we’ve said before, the Anxiety Crisis can have the same symptoms as a heart attack and can, therefore cause the death of the person. This is why, we have made a list with the main characteristics of the Anxiety Crisis and some pieces of advice that might help control it.

All you need to know about Anxiety Attacks

10 Minutes

The symptoms of an anxiety attack often go away after approximately ten minutes, but can sometimes take up to 30 minutes. Knowing it won’t take long can come as a reassurance to the person having it. Seeing as it has the same symptoms as a heart attack, most often than not, the person having it ends up in a hospital. If you had panic attacks more than once, it is advised to contact your medic. Don’t be afraid to go to the hospital, you never know the gravity of your situation.

Fear and asphyxiation sensation

The symptoms such as intense fear combine with heart palpitations, the sensation of chest pressure, asphyxiation and incapacity to swallow, dizziness, etc.
Most of the physical symptoms are due to hyperventilation which causes a relatively fast, superficial breathing. Although it seems impossible, the patient should try to keep their calm. Think positive thoughts, calm yourselves.

Try to find an efficient method to relax and these kind of problems will become history.

Breathe into a bag

Restoring normal breathing is important to ameliorate the physical symptoms of the crisis. Hyperventilation over-oxygenates the blood. By breathing for a minute a two in a paper bag, you’ll inhale a more concentrated air that will help restore normal levels of CO2.


Try breathing rarely, rhythmically. Count in your mind, try taking seven seconds to inhale and eleven to exhale.
These is basic advice, but follow it and it can save you from an anxiety attack.
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Translated by: Marina Potârniche

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